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Impression Imaging strives to provide patients with the highest quality care—from our compassionate and convenient service to the best possible equipment and radiology expertise. Impression's radiologists confer with your doctors to ensure they get the necessary information to assist in your care. As the saying goes, there are no second chances to make a first impression. Accordingly, Impression Imaging aims to get it right the first time.

Dr. Michael Fagien is our Medical Director, Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine physician and has been providing PET/CT service in Broward County since 2000. Dr. Fagien has read more PET/CT, and has more experience in hybrid anatomic and molecular imaging, than any other physician in the area.

Impression Imaging's experienced staff promises to provide the most expedient scheduling, comfort for your patients, same day turnaround time for reporting and easier access to radiologist for consultations.

Who We Are

At Impression Imaging, our goal is to put our patients' needs first in everything we do. We're a trusted South Florida imaging center located near Fort Lauderdale and Miami offering compassionate care for each of our patients. When you need diagnostic medical imaging services, Impression Imaging is here to help.

Our experienced staff provides unparalleled support and expertise to meet our patients' needs within a comfortable, caring environment. Using state-of-the-art technology and extensive knowledge in the field, we strive to deliver the highest-quality care for each patient.

When you come to us for diagnostic imaging, our radiologists will work closely with your doctors to ensure efficient and comprehensive information sharing to provide you with the best care. With prompt turnaround times and high responsiveness to your needs, we coordinate seamlessly with you and your doctors to deliver the care you require.


American College Of radiology Accredited Facility
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Our Team

Thanks to our highly experienced personnel, we are one of South Florida's most trusted diagnostic medical imaging centers for clients with diverse needs. Our team of highly trained technologists provides personalized treatment for each patient, so you can be confident that you'll receive the best care for your needs.

Dr. Michael Fagien serves as our Medical Director. Specializing in radiology and nuclear medicine, he has been a PET/CT service provider in Broward County since 2000. With extensive experience in molecular and hybrid anatomic imaging, as well as in-depth knowledge of numerous imaging techniques, he offers unparalleled expertise in the field.

Why Choose Us?

At Impression Imaging, we understand the value of providing exceptional service for our patients from the first visit. Throughout our sales process, we strive to deliver outstanding responsiveness, personalized care and quality services.

We serve our patients with benefits such as:

  • Advanced technology: Our metabolic diagnostic and hybrid anatomic imaging techniques allow us to deliver accurate assessment and address clinical questions. With state-of-the-art PET/CT scanners and expert technicians, we provide the region's highest-quality imaging capabilities.
  • Exceptional customer service: From maintaining consistent communication with your doctor's office to offering free transportation for patients who need it, we do everything we can to simplify the process for patients and doctors.
  • Responsive service: We complete reports within 12-24 hours to ensure you and your doctors receive necessary information as soon as possible.
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Services We Offer

Our primary service areas include:

  • PET scansWe have several PET scan options available, including PET brain scan, PET whole-body scan and localized PET imaging.
  • CT scansOur CT scan services can cover the full body from upper or lower extremities, head, spine, chest and abdomen, among several other options, to meet your medical needs in South Florida.
  • CTA scansFor CTA scan requirements for many different body areas, from the head to chest to abdomen and pelvis, we provide trusted services for medical care.
  • CardiacOur cardiac services including treadmill and nuclear stress tests, PYP amyloidosis scans and PET scans for myocardial viability and perfusion.
  • NuclearWith advanced technologies, we provide nuclear imaging capabilities, including whole-body bone scans, thyroid uptake scans and lung quantification scans.

Get Trusted Medical Imaging in South Florida
With Impression Imaging

With a world-class medical team and innovative technology, we offer advanced imaging and unmatched customer service for each patient. Choose Impression Imaging of South Florida for compassionate care and exceptional expertise you can trust for your medical needs. Request an appointment today.

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See what they are saying about Impression Imaging

This is the most professional and reliable radiology company in town.
Eduardo Fernandez, M.D
  • My appointment was on time, modern equipment and clean office.  Staff kind and friendly.
Jaime L.
Got my PET scan there. The staff was super friendly with us. Especially Carolyn, thank you for the goodie bag.  
Danny K.
Impression Imaging staff were awesome from the scheduler, to the receptionists, to the technician CJ.  This was my 2nd PET scan visit this year and both times were smooth.  I don’t like going in machines, but the staff make you feel comfortable by being friendly and then it’s over.  Thanks guys, keep being yourselves to help people get through tough times.  
Scott R.