Michael Fagien, MD

Michael Fagien is our Medical Director, Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine physician and has been providing PET/CT service in Broward, Palm Beach, Duval and Dade Counties since 2000. Dr. Fagien has read more PET/CT, and has more experience in hybrid anatomic and molecular imaging, than any other physician in the area. Impression Imaging's experienced staff promises to provide the most expedient scheduling, comfort for your patients, same day turnaround time for reporting and easier access to radiologists for consultations.

Dr. Fagien served as a Clinical Professor at the University of Florida in the Department of Radiology where he combined his passion for technology, diagnostic imaging and medicine and began formulating ideas about the potential diagnostic power of fusing multiple modalities such as CT, MRI and PET.

As Clinical Professor and subsequently, Chief of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Florida/VAMC for a decade, Dr. Michael Fagien explored and gained expertise in oncologic imaging and the fusion of metabolic with anatomic imaging such as CT and MRI, later incorporating positron emission computed tomography (now called PET/CT). Dr. Fagien believes that the combination of functional and anatomical imaging is truly the future of radiology and diagnostic medicine. Dr. Fagien has a wealth of experience in PET/CT, having interpreted more of these types of exams than anyone in the state of Florida (and more than most radiologists in the country).

An international speaker on PET, PET/CT, nuclear medicine and advanced imaging, Dr. Fagien trains residents and radiologists throughout the world and teaches physicians about the appropriate utilization of these tests. Additionally he advises the industry on development of PET and PET/CT. As a member of the Medical Advisory Board of Directors for PET and Advanced Imaging at GE Healthcare, Dr. Fagien has contributed his significant field experience to the enhanced development and design of tools for more efficient interpretation of medical imaging scans by radiologists.

In addition to his international speaking, advisory and principal roles on the clinical and business aspects of Diagnostic Imaging, and his continued radiology work through RadReads PLLC, Dr. Fagien served as the Chief Medical Officer for The Sagemark Companies Ltd, a national owner and operator of out-patient medical diagnostic imaging centers that utilized PET and PET/CT; as the Medical Director for National PET Scan, LLC, a leader in PET imaging services in Florida with facilities in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and St. Petersburg; as Chief Medical Officer for Radiology Corporation of America (RCOA), a leader in mobile PET facilities in the US as advisor to the utilization review firm MedSolutions; and as Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of RCOA.