Oncology Imaging Near Fort Lauderdale

As an oncology imaging leader near Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Impression Imaging offers our patients advanced technologies and equipment and a team with extensive expertise. If you are looking for a trusted oncology imaging center in South Florida, we offer compassionate care and conscientious assistance in any way we can.

We strive to provide each patient and doctors' office with an exceptional experience as we focus on providing outstanding care, highly accurate reports and clear communication throughout the process. Partner with us and let us help make the process easier for you.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Oncology Services in South Florida

At Impression Imaging, we'll work closely with your doctors' office to get the critical scanning services necessary to optimize your treatment plan.

We understand diagnosing cancer is a complex process, and there are multiple approaches our team can take. Every person is different, and your specific form of cancer can cause a wide variety of symptoms. After your biopsy, we will determine the best imaging for cancer to identify if you need more tests and if the tumor has grown or spread.

We offer multiple oncology imaging services for accurately monitoring treatment, staging and restaging of cancer:

  • CT scansWith CT scans, we can evaluate many different parts of the body, including the head and face, lower body, chest and other areas.
  • PET scansOur PET scans can assess specific parts of the body or do a full-body scan, with several options to match your doctors' requirements.
  • CTA scansFor heart performance assessments, we can provide CTA scans to help inform oncology care.
  • Nuclear medicine scansOur nuclear medicine scans cover a wide range of capabilities, including bone and thyroid scans, to provide you with the best care.

Our imaging services are accurate and enable physicians to develop a precise treatment plan personalized to your body and your cancer diagnosis. Our radiologists will work closely with your doctor throughout the treatment process and ensure we effectively share all information to coordinate the care you need.

Uses of Our Oncology Imaging Services

Undergoing oncology imaging aids in providing a clear picture of what happens in the body throughout the entire cancer treatment process. Some of the top benefits of our South Florida oncology imaging services include the following:

Identify Tumors

One of the main uses of oncology imaging is to help physicians accurately identify the properties of tumors and select the best treatment option. This in-depth knowledge also allows oncologists at our cancer imaging center to offer more accurate diagnoses to provide more effective treatments.

Monitor Treatment

Oncology imaging includes molecular imaging, which can allow radiologists to see if the body is responding to treatment more quickly. For example, scanning options such as PET scans enable physicians to view how treatment affects tumors within days of the patient receiving therapy.

Treat Tumors

Since oncology imaging accurately depicts tumors and their location in the body, physicians can use this information to deliver focused doses of radiation directly to the tumors and decrease the risk of exposing healthy tissues to radiation.

We're Here to Help You

Our team at Impression Imaging strives to be your partner throughout the assessment process. From scheduling your imaging appointment to offering compassionate care at our facility to quickly delivering reports to your doctors, we're with you during each step. You can depend on our caring staff to do everything they can to accommodate your needs and take any undue responsibilities and logistical considerations off your shoulders.

Our dedication to our patients is evident in all the services we offer:

  • Fast turnaround: We understand how critical timely oncology imaging information is, and our team will have your report back to your doctors within 12 to 24 hours.
  • Complimentary transportation: To ensure all our patients can get to our facility, we offer free transportation services for those who can't access our center independently.
  • Advanced technology: As a crucial part of our pursuit of exceptional patient care, we use the latest technologies and best practices for highly accurate and effective imaging results.
  • Expert team: Our team brings years of experience and training to our work, so you can rest assured you're working with the leading experts in the field.

Choose Impression Imaging As Your Oncology Imaging Partner

Whatever your requirements, Impression Imaging is dedicated to partnering with you and your physicians to provide the right solutions. We partner with you and your physicians to ensure prompt, accurate reports that will help you make timely decisions regarding your oncology care. Throughout the process, we're here to offer compassionate, expert service and make managing requirements easier for you in any way we can.

If you'd like to find out more about our imaging offerings, make your appointment with our office today.

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Receptionist were very friendly. Did not have to wait more than 10 minutes. CT scan technician was also friendly and professional. Done in 5 minutes!!! I strongly recommend this facility to anybody who needs a CT scan done.
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Dani Y.

Highly recommend Impression Imaging. Everybody at this office makes you feel like family. My tech Marvin was amazing. I was really nervous to have my test done (i hate needles) but he was very gentle and nice. Also, the girls at the front desk were amazing.
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Jesus L.

I drove all the way from West Palm because I’ve heard so many great things about this felicity. As soon as I walked in, they were all smiles. The front desk the girls were super nice and went out their way to make me feel good. It was cold in there and they gave me…
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Stephen M.

I’ve been to Impression Imaging three times over the past year and they always do an EXCELLENT job. The paperwork is pre-filled out upon your arrival and the wait times are always minimal. Will, the CAT scan technician, is OUTSTANDING (and is highly skilled at giving a quick, painless IV for the contrast dye). Highly…
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Jean T.

Very friendly and professional receptionists. Tech Marvin has excellent IV starting skills. Hardly felt the stick. As a health professional myself, I highly recommend this facility for your diagnostic tests.
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Mario R.

I had a problem with my insurance approving my exam, the insurance company was not helpful until I connected with Maria From Impressions. She went above and beyond to help me so I could get this done. She was sweet and kind and she accommodated me on the weekend since I have a full schedule…
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