Practice Manager, Comprehensive Breast Center of Coral Springs.

Impression Imaging is not just the name of an imaging facility.

I am going to try my best to testify from the perspective of a Manager of a Breast Facility as well as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Working with Impression Imaging is a phenomenal experience.  Each and every time I send a patient for a study, they tell me how clean the facility is, how friendly and compassionate all the staff is (from the first person you meet when you enter the facility to the Technician performing the study to the Physician who reads/interprets the study). And might I not forget the Marketing representation along the way; I have never met such a sweet, compassionate and giving person. This behavior goes a long way when a patient learns they need an imaging study done as something may be going on in their body! Impression Imaging accepts most Insurances and they are the ones who obtain all referrals and/or authorizations; all you do is supply your photo ID and Insurance Card. The technicians at this facility are unbelievable. They are knowledgeable, compassionate and let the patient know they are right by your side for the duration of the study. CDs are supplied when you leave the facility and thorough reporting is right behind it.

From a personal perspective as a patient, I do not know where to begin. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor having had a Bilateral Mastectomy in January of 2018. I thought my PET scan was going to light up like a Christmas tree that had not been taken down from Christmas of 2017. I am claustrophobic and probably one of the worst patients to have ever walked in the doors of Impression Imaging. The Front Desk staff that greeted me was beyond words making me actually feel comfortable! The Technician was so warm and comforting along the way. And when I placed a call to the Physician to say “Thank you”, he turned it around completely, thanking me for having confidence enough in Impression Imaging to allow them to treat me!!

To this day, I believe there is no other Imaging facility nor Physicians that can hold a candle to Impression Imaging. All of us should take lessons from them in every aspect of patient care.