Abdon J. Medina, M.D.

Impression Imaging has been my first choice for patient imaging for many years. They truly make the process effortless for my patients. From making an appointment to performing the scans and getting the results they do not disappoint with their precision and sense of urgency. My patients are treated like family at their location, making difficult times a little easier. Their ability to deliver precise imaging and professional results is remarkable. Michael Fagien, M.D., Medical Director, Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine physician, is very hands on with the entire operation of his practice. He follows every patient which I have referred to him, from the time of the appointment, completing scans and reviewing results. He has been readily available to review any scan whenever needed. It is not just an imaging facility rendering a service, it is a personal connection. I trust in sending our patients to their facility, knowing there is no doubt in the care and accuracy of their work.